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So where do you start??

You may be trying to answer this question and many others.  Are you on a tight budget?   Do you already have a full set of house plans or is it just a sketch on a piece of paper?  Do you want someone to oversee every aspect of the project?  Do you need to cut costs on a plan you already have?

When it comes to building a new home, there are lots of questions that usually come up in the process.  Our goal here at Thielemann Construction Co. is to help you determine what your specific needs are and to help guide you in the process.  Three categories exist regarding how projects are designed and created:  Architectural, Owner-Supplied Plans, and Design-Build. Our experience working with wide varieties and sizes of projects over the years enables us to bring an owners project to fruition in any of these scenarios. Select a category below to find out more information and to view pictures of past projects.

For pictures of ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS, please click here:

For pictures of OWNER-PROVIDED PLANS, please click here:

For pictures of DESIGN-BUILD PROJECTS, please click here:

The remainder of this page & photo gallery is devoted to home ideas.  Please browse the following albums to find ideas for your upcoming project and then let us know how we can help you with it.


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